Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Introduction to Lukwanga Community Knowledge Centre

Lukwanga is a community information center situated in the central region of Uganda. The knowledge centre lies to the north west of the capital city Kampala, in the central district of Wakiso.

Lukwanga CKC was established as a joint collaboration between Environmental Alert and Arids Lands Information Network (ALIN), a Kenyan based Non-Governmental Organisation based in Nariobi.

Lukwanga CKC is a non-partisan, non-profit making organisation that was established to serve and cater for the community needs of the local people of Lukwanga parish and the neighbouring villages in Wakiso.

The community information center is considered a knowledge and an information hub for the people of Lukwanga and Wakiso as a whole.

What we do:
The knowlegde centre is engaged in a variety of activities that are generally aimed at enriching them with information for the betterment of the community and the general public as a whole.

As the CKC is a non-partisan and non-money making institution, its survival relies on the assistance and aid offered to it from the host organisation and ALIN.

How we work
The CKC is involved in information generation and dissemination from the community and other sources. This information is also farmer related since the organisation is rural based and formed on a basis of farmers' issues.

We at Lukwanga CKC are happy to invite everybody to visit and join our centre.

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