Thursday, February 23, 2012

CKC hosts US Bold Leaders food fellows in Lukwanga

International community organizers, BoldLeaders teamed up with Growing Power (US), the Mazingira Institute, and Environmental Alert to carry out a partnership arrangement to share and learn experiences in urban agriculture and food security. The partnership between the collaborating professionals in Uganda, Kenya teamed up with the United States’ department focusing on food security as it relates to urban and peri-urban agriculture.

The opportunity is to facilitate a two-way exchange between the African countries (Uganda and Kenya) and the U.S. to improve food security as it relates to the social, cultural, political, and economic factors in food production, equitable distribution, and non-degradable environmental practices.

Environmental Alert as one of the international organizers of the fellowship program hosted a team of fellows on an exchange program in Uganda. The visit was an amazing learning and experience sharing for us. Lukwanga was one of the hosting venues where the fellows were hosted for a 2 day’s sharing session at the Lukwanga community knowledge centre (CKC). Great thanks to Dara Cooper and Joseph Adamji for sharing their experiences with the communities of Lukwanga. Dara and John really shared the American experiences with our community in Lukwanga. With less doubt, their experiences will inform a basis for the future development of the resource centre.

Many thanks to Bold Leaders Exchange program.

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