Wednesday, January 12, 2011

“Conserving Environment and Natural resources for livelihood improved and economic Dev't“ - World Environment Day celebrations in Lukwanga

World Environment Day is commemorated June 5th every year as it was set aside by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. World Environment Day is a plat form for awareness creation on environment issues and also an opportunity for soliciting political support among member countries for environmental sustainability and protection. While this year’s international theme is ‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future.’ – A message focusing on the central importance to humanity of the globe’s wealth of species and ecosystems the national theme for 2010 was "Biodiversity for National Prosperity: Conserve it" celebrations were held in Kanungu district.

Further more the united Nations General Assembly declared year 2010 the International year of Biodiversity (IYB) and the international theme is Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Alleviation”. It is realized that the themes have similarity and thus Uganda has decided to celebrate them at Once under one theme "Biodiversity for National Prosperity: Conserve it".
Environment Alert celebrated World Environment Day because of its contribution and impact it has created in Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) since 1988. Being part of faction on continuous sensitization and advocacy to improve people’s livelihood if left the work done can be un done amidst the impacts of climate change.

The key major events included a district dialogue which targeted key stakeholders from Wakiso District; Actual cerebration of the WED were carried out at Nabukalu Primary school on the 11 June 2010, a side event of tree planting and a newspaper supplement /insertion to disseminate key messages in context of the WED theme i.e. ‘Many Species. One Planet. One Future.’ The WED targeted all stakeholders in environmental management such as local people, local leaders, Men, women, children, schools and technical people from Wakiso District.

Never the less with EA's vision of a poverty and hunger-free society that, is able to manage and sustain its natural resources base for attainment of sustainable livelihoods including addressing climate change. Amidst such desires, EA in support with Africa Adapt under the implementation of lukwanga maarifa centre implemented a project on climate change awareness and adaptation strategies. This was summed up with the celebration of the Wporld Environment Day at Nabukalu village, Lukwanga parish, Wakios district in central Uganda.

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