Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Learning visit for Lukwanga maarifa centre Focal group to KALOCODA

There is always inadequate access to information in relation to natural resources, environmental rights, policies and laws by the communities. This limits peoples’ preparedness to adapt and cope up with the existing challenges. Additionally, there is limited knowledge and varied understanding of climate change issues and their implications to livelihood and economic development among different stakeholders at various levels; and Inadequate information flow and networking among stakeholders on issues of climate change at local, national, regional and international levels.

To increase awareness and bridge the existing knowledge gaps between members that is making them carry out activities that are significantly impacting onto the natural resources and acquire skills and experiences relevant in natural resource use and management community focal group members from Lukwanga maarifa centre were taken on an exposure visit to one of the urban areas in the urban periphery of Kampala to see how bets they can also make use of the existing resources to reduce the impacts on natural resources base that significantly causes micro impacts on climate.

Through a participatory approach, selected members from Lukwanga community were taken to Kasubi Local Community Development Association (KALOCODA) for a learning purpose. This was undertaken on the 22nd June 2010 where 16 farmers (7 males and 9 females) from Lukwanga had an opportunity to be exposed to the different activities being done on the projects site. The learning was participatory in a sense that these farmers had an interactive session with the management and staff from KALOCODA where key issues were generated, questions asked and responses as well as clarifications offered on key areas. At the end of the learning visit, a plan was developed whereby the group was later to convene at the community knowledge centre to share with the rest of the community members who were un able to come to Kasubi.

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